Bride & Groom: Angela Gilbert & David Patterson.

Venue: Winton House. Ceremony – Winton House; Reception – Marquee.

Bride’s Flowers: Angela held a compact hand tie of ivory roses, with purple eustoma, blue thistle and some greenery.

Table Arrangements: Goldfish bowls with steel grass entwined inside and with a compact hand tie of purple, blue & ivory seasonal flowers (hydrangea, spray roses, eustoma and thistle).

Bride & Groom: Debbie Johnston & Nick Nash

Venue: Winton House. A venue steeped in scottish history, hidden in the heart of East Lothian countryside. Winton House is a Scottish Castle and a private house.

Bridal Flowers: Compact hand tie of off white open roses.

Table Arrangements: Large goldfish bowl entwined inside with steel grass and white crystal blush calla lilies. Top Table: Goldfish bowl with phelanopsis orchids and steel grass.