Wedding of Ros & Brian – The Royal College of Physicians

April 22, 2013

Bride & Groom:

Wedding of Ros & Brian on 19th April 2013


The Royal College of Physicians

…….What can we say about Roz, what a great bride to work with!  We met Roz through a very good client of ours, we all had a great meeting and the brief was simple……… spring, colourful and bright after that we could do what we wanted to work with Roz’s brief and to work in with the venue.   As you can see by the images we went bright, colourful with lots of different types of spring flowers but keeping it very soft in the Royal College of Physicians in the Great Hall with the strong colours, it looked stunning with all the little details of the pots of flowers and candles on the table as well as the perimeter, so later on as it approached the evening the room would take on a more romantic, soft feel

The bridal bouquets were simple, spring classic. We wanted to go neutral and softer here so the colour could come in on the tables. Roz loved the cheerfulness so we decided to make her hand tie all  cheerfulness, the smell was AMAZING, the bridesmaids carried all Ranunculus and to give them a beautiful scent as well we added a collar of herbs around the outside, lots of loveliness.

Ros & Brian’s other wedding suppliers included –


Thank you so much for the amazing flowers you did for us. The bouquets, button holes and tables looked fantastic. You did a great job at Royal College of Physicians and the room looked amazing. Many thanks.

Ros & Brian

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